Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2008

HKW2008 the kite flies!

The Historical Kite Workshop 2008 was in Friedrichshafen. We joined in with people all around the world. Of course the setting in and around the Zeppelinmuseum was great, we all enjoined it. Then we were able to build the Kusnetzov-kite. A beautiful meteorological kite that I wouldn’t be able to build without the work that the organisers of the workshop did. They made a good buildingplan, the iron-work and the pre-bown woodwork. Now the question is…. Will it fly? Well it does! I tried it this afternoon in the meadows around the river IJssel and it flew wonderful. It was a shame that the batteries of my camera got empty, but the one shot that I made, proves my point: it really flew!!
So another compliment to the guys who prepared the workshop: Detlef, Hilmar and Charles. Great work guys, THANKS!!!

Douwe Jan

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