Samstag, 30. Dezember 2006

Great initiative!

Dear kiters,

This BLOG is what Frank created for us, to communicate about our common heritage: Historical Kites!
It was the question of some of the participants, to find a place where we can share ideas, stories, plans and new resources. So I am pleased that we can use it now. Never mind the language: we all read German, more or less, French is a little bit more difficult and Dutch can be understood by some Germans. English can be used as our basic.

Now for the news:

Next week we will start sending the DVD-R of the last workshop in Apeldoorn to you all. It has wonderfull material on it.

This DVD-ROM is made for the participants of the Historical Kite Workshop Apeldoorn 2006. We want to give acknowledgement to everybody that deserves it. Making this DVD-ROM we tried to use as much material as we may, because we think it is available in the public domain (internet e.g.) or we received it from the people who did some presentations.
When we were wrong, please know that we do not want to offend anyone.

Now, when you receive the DVD-Rom, please know that we did not make it to be copied around. For personal use we don’t see any problem, but commercial use is not what we like.

Wolfgang Bieck did send us his photo material of the workshop. He included also the pictures of the ‘kite cave’ and the ‘kite-fisherman’ from Sulawesi.

Paul Chapman did send us a lot of beautiful material. We (all) owe him an extra beer on the next workshop for this.

Dick Kortland has a big digital archive on Cody-material that he collected during his long and thorough searches on the internet. We hope that all is really public material. He enclosed some pictures of his visit to Prefailles, also.

Uli Draheim took us along in the world of historical kites with military purposes. I added some material that I found on internet to his presentation (that was great..). Enjoy the little film that he enclosed with his presentation.

Uli Draheim and Antje Präger went to Prefailles and made lots of pictures.

Frank Schultz told us to leave just one picture out (copyrights) and asked us to tell you all that his material is for personal use, not for large scale publication. His presentation on Historical Meteorological Kites in Scandinavia, was great and new for the most of us.

Jan Westerink used a lot of material from the public domain (like internet / patent offices e.g.) and most pictures are made by members of the Westerink-family. His kite-research is a fine example of 'action-research'.

Dominique Cotard did send us some pictures. The Cotards were very pleased to see the intensity that we all had, working on the historical kites. They will organise a workshop in France next year.

Frits Sauvé is the maker of the building plans for the Pearson Roller, also he is the one that thought of the idea of creating a new generation of historical kitefliers. The decision to provide every participant with two kites, came from Frits.

Drachen Foundation provided us with the T-shirts and lots of other materials . We want to thank them for that.

Discussion on the Code of Conduct started in the weeks just before the workshop. The first version has been presented during the workshop by me and will be published in some kite-journals (first: Drachen Journal).

We enjoyed this 6th Historical Kite Workshop and meeting you all in Apeldoorn.


Douwe Jan

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