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HKW 2011

Historical Kite Workshop Apeldoorn 2011 - HKWA 2011

The 11th Historical Kite Workshop will take place in the weekend of May 13th, 14th and 15th of 2011. Again and for the third time we will stay at the “Woldhuis” in Apeldoorn in the middle of the Netherlands. We made an interesting program based upon the common frame of these weekends with a kite workshop, a kite exhibition, and presentations by historical kite expert and time enough to meet old and new friends and spent hours with them talking, eating, drinking, reading and looking at all that interests us so much. Of course the raffle is also part of the program. We have a limitation of 40 participants – the total costs per person is kept as low as possible.

We invite you to subscribe now in the HKWA 2011 !!!

The Program
Presentations can be expected on the subject of man lifting systems and patented kites. We planned to add stories and pictures about many unknown Russian kites and we are working on more. We will let you know in time what we managed finally. The presentations will be part of the backbone of the workshop.

A second - more or less new - part of the program is the ‘speaker’s corner’. Each of the participants is invited to do a 10 minutes presentation. We can plan up to maximum 9 of these short presentations. Tell us about your recent discoveries, an adventure in flying your historical kite, your ‘best’ or most ‘special’ kite, the encounter with an older kiter with great stories and show your pictures to us. Feel free to share your thoughts during 10 minutes. Please send us your idea in the mail with your application.

Regarding the kite-workshop, we have added new challenging elements. Don’t worry; you will go home with a kite. When you do not built during the weekend you still receive kite building material. We like to show you that differences are possible and we need your skills to make our approach a success.

A raffle is always amusing and welcome – the weekend wouldn’t be complete without it. The famous duo Ralf & Holm are hopefully so kind to accept this job.

On Sunday afternoon the workshop will end in the outskirts of the IJssel River near Zutphen. We will fly our kites there and Jan Westerink will demonstrate one of the most spectacular ways of launching a kite.

The location
Our lodging (the Woldhuis) has twice been used by us before and is famous for its catering and the different small scale working places. The cook is prepared and so are we. The details will be communicated to the participators the coming months. The accommodation is for sleeping in groups only. On special - medical - request an individual room is available.

The costs
The costs to participate are € 150 each. This includes 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 diners and coffee/tea during the days, the sleeping accommodation and the kite workshop surprise material. Partly participation and partly payment are not possible. It’s all or nothing.

The application
Please send your reply by return to if you want to be sure to be there. Only the first 40 replies can participate. Your application can only be accepted if included:
Postal address
Email address
Telephone number and/or mobile phone
And: your idea for a 10 minutes presentation

The payment
Your position as participant will be definite after payment of the costs. Please pay € 150,- per person
For payment ask the bankdetails:

The rest
Please spread the word – we invited much more than 40 people – but we do know we forgotten 1 or 2.

Frits Sauvé
Jan Westerink
Douwe Jan Joustra

For inquiries contact

Douwe Jan Joustra
+31 (0)6 46617344